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I was lucky enough to visit the last working mine in the Lake District National Park - Cumbria England.

I've attempted to arrange the gallery in order following the processes of the mill.  

You can see my two page report here:…

I'm going to go through it all and eventually add more information to each photo to give anyone that's interested a better idea of what's going on!

I love stuff like this! I find it fascinating!!! 
Sorry i've not posted anything for so long, i've been super busy working (Ironically taking photos).

Will try hard to put more work up!
On friday the 12th of July, I managed to climb to the 5,895m (19,341ft) to the top!

This took 6 days with one acclimatisation day.

I'm back and shattered, but with a good sense of achievement!

Have a load of photos to trawl though, and will be posting some up soon!
Autumn has turned to winter... The trees have she their leaves, and the nights are drawing in!

Will all this happening, and a ton of Wonderful autumn shoots, i'm now left feeling very flat and uninspired
I've just bought a Canon 5DMkII to work along side my 7D...

Feeling a bit nauseous at how much i've just spent on a camera, but it is a working tool!

Can't wait for it to arrive and have a play!
I've been extremely busy, and eventually I'm starting to get some new work actually put up!
Thank you for all the support I have received in the three years I have been on here!

Things are eventually slowing down a bit for me, so that gives me some time to get some work uploaded! :dance:
Well, i'm not complaining... But I have my first fashion show shoot tonight, and i'll be heading for that in a couple of hours... I've just realised I have hardly any storage left in the entire building, so i've found my last 25gb, and i'm taking that off the PC as I type!  I'm gonna need more mini servers, or start putting things on to DVD!!!!

Another shoot tomorrow, just a family portrait affair, but its all money!  Then the following week i've another gig to cover, which i LOVE doing... I find it very challenging to shoot in extreme low light with so much going on!  

Then cap the month off with a pre wedding shoot for a big wedding that I have booked in for next year!

Tie all that in with the day job being flat out (not complaining again after redundancies for others) and some charity events, wedding fairs and other wedding events makes for a busy time for me!

But you all know I love it ;)
I have so much queued up to edit... I seem to take more than I edit/process....

Why so much do you ask? Well, the weather has been amazing for weeks now, and I have had cameras with me all the time! That coupled with the fact I always shoot in RAW means my shots always need some sort of processing!

So... Sometime soon, it will rain, and I'll get a chance to sit down and work on some shots, and get some stuff uploaded!

Anyway, I'm off out to enjoy the sun, even though I have a snotter of a cold!!!!

Mike :)
Well, wedding season is fast approaching, and i have my first on in a little under 3 weeks!

I'm nervous already, but pre-match nerves are always a good thing!  I tend to shoot better under my own pressure!!!

So be prepared to be swamped with more shots of smug couples in the coming months ;)
Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to view my page! It's always very much appreciated!

And thank you to those that inspire me, and push me to learn more about what is a more than  a fascinating subject ;)
Eugh.... Why do some people feel the need to remove EXIF data from their images on here...

I personally thought it was all part of it to show others how you took you shot, and with what equipment!

Yes I could ask, by why remove it in the first place?????

Rant over...
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I've just bought a canon 7D, and i'm just about wetting myself i'm so excited!

But really, its a tool i've bought, rather than a toy ;)
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Out on a shoot the dress/trash the dress shoot this morning...

I'm a bag of nerves as this is completely new territory for me!

Although i'm generally pleased with my own wedding work, this is an extension to that...

So with a bit of luck, and the weather holding, i'll have some to put up on here ;)
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I just bought a Canon 50mm F1.8 prime lens!!!

A very cheap way to enter into the world of prime lenses!

I just cant wait for it to come :dance:
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I typed a new journal out the other day, and i've only just realised it's not actually appreared!

Anyway, i've a ton of stuff to put up (when I get the chance) and have recently done a few weddings, so some of it will be based around that!

So watch this space! ;)
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The end of the noughties and in with the tens!

Raise a glass to the new year, and may it be an awesome one for you all!
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So i've actually managed to get out and take some half decent shots!

The wild animal park is always a great place to go, its almost like shooting fish in a barrel!!!

I went to a road rally and took a ton of shots, which i may put up here, i'm not sure how may people are overly interested in fast cars!

I was principal photographer for a work collegue's wedding last friday too... The 16gb of shots I took ensured i'd have some decent shots in amongst them, and as it turns out, there was more than just a few :D

But it was one of the most stressful things i've ever done! Arranging people etc was not an issue, as my mouth is big enough for that task, but the onus of fluffing the pictures on someones big day is high!!!
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I can't believe i've made it to 100!

I take 100's of pics, but really this place only ever see's the good stuff, or stuff i deem people might be interested it!

I seem to have found some direction of late, I just hope i keep on this right track! ;)
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